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Rosie Sheehy
(Actress known for Chernobyl,
A Violent Man, DCI Banks)

"I've been full of world weariness for so long it feels, and carried a quiet (sometimes loud) sadness with me for quite some time.  When I get like this I carry a lot of tension in my throat, jaw, and shoulders and I start doing things like drinking bare herbal tea and exercising a lot -- cool, although it never really releases the tension, or the worry from the lump in my throat.

I've just had a vocal massage from my voice teacher when I was at RADA, Robert Price, who is providing one-on-one sessions at Until Soho on Charing Cross Road and I can't describe how helpful it was.  I left feeling the lightest and most capable I've felt in quite some time, all because of his care, skill and expert knowledge of the voice and releasing laryngeal tension.  Without sounding loopy, when I left, even the colours outside seemed brighter.  If you're an actor/artist and feel like this could be useful then you must go and see him.   I've suddenly been reminded how vital this work is, if you rely on voice and body to make a living." 


Jan Haydn Rowles
(Voice and Dialect Coach)

"I’m a voice practitioner.  I have to demonstrate and try and recreate people’s accents and voices all day everyday!  When I saw Robert was offering his massage sessions I thought, you know what i’d love a bit of laryngeal TLC. I didn’t have anything wrong with my voice as such, but for someone who uses my voice so much, I felt a VOCAL MOT was needed! And it’s bliss!  Afterwards the space in my jaw, neck and head feel more open! And even my eye sockets feel more open and alert, how?  It’s like having a good yoga stretch in places where you know you need it but just can’t work out how to get to it! So if you’re a big ol’ voice user then Robert’s work is for you.  And actually even if you’re not you’d probably really enjoy it and get something out of having a much neglected part of the body treated."


Tom Canton
(Actor known for The Witcher, Farming, The Good Karma Hospital)

"Robert was my Voice Teacher over my three years training at RADA between 2009-12.


First and foremost, he is a masterful Vocal Practitioner at the very very top of the game.


There has not been a job gone by in my decade-long career as a professional Actor, from my days spent in theatres in the furthest reaches of the provinces, to standing on set now on Netflix's biggest show, that I don't rely on, utilise and apply in my work a wide array of the skills and techniques that Robert imparted on me all those years ago, from incredible knowledge and vast expertise.


He is also a wonderful human being, part man, part mythological sage, with a lovely way and a great sense of humour. 


I would trust his guidance and tutelage implicitly, and say that you are very, very lucky to come across him." 


Mishy Jacobson

"I had the privilege of studying with Robert when I was abroad at BADA's Midsummer In Oxford.  Working with him was a highlight of my actor training.  I re-discovered  my voice through his tutelage.  Robert helped me access parts of my voice that were a mystery to me, parts that I had kept quiet, parts that had been hidden and tucked away as society attempted to diminish me.  In a world where social norms and gender-based conditioning had influenced me to "sound" a certain way, Robert helped me find my truth through and on my voice.  Class with Robert felt safe and inspiring.  He made me feel seen and heard as an artist.  Nearly eight years later, I still use the techniques, exercises, and insights from class with Robert.  "Keep breathing.  It's the most important thing," I sing to myself and remember the joy of studying in Oxford with Robert Price - a cherished memory and one of the happiest times of my life." 

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