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The History of Actor Training in the British Drama School

An investigation into the development and trajectory of actor training in the United Kingdom.


An Extraordinary Resource!

I’ve been badgering all my friends about this podcast ever since I started listening. It is an extraordinarily useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about actor training in the British drama school and beyond. Needless to say, drama school has meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people over the years, and this podcast does a wonderful job of exploring some of those varied experiences. It also hones in on a number of ideas and methodologies that have, until quite recently, been regarded as fundamental to the craft of acting. The image that emerges is of something fluid and dynamic, but also grounded and nourished by an immense and very specific body of knowledge acquired over more than a century by a whole bunch of brilliant, obsessive, fascinating people.


A deep dive into what acting training was, is, and will be from the best practitioners in England.

A fascinating, unique exploration of history, British actor training, and artistry.

This candid insider’s perspective takes a deep dive into how actors have been trained in Britain up to now, why things have been done that way, and where they may head in the future. Wonderful snippets of history with entertaining stories and conversations. A must listen for any actor!

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