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Manual therapy for troubled voices.

Hello and a warm welcome to Vocal Massage London. I'm an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist who specialises in working with voices.


If you've come here you are probably experiencing some kind of problem with your voice. Perhaps it hurts. Perhaps it feels as if there is something stuck in it. If you are a professional voice user a part of your range may feel unavailable to you. Or perhaps you have a click or discomfort in your jaw.

If you've been to the Doctor you may have a diagnosis of Muscle Tension Dysphonia or 'silent' reflux or Globus or TMJD. Perhaps you are recovering from Surgery. 

Our voices are complicated. They reflect us. Our lives and our stories. Sometimes they get tired.  Sometimes they hurt and sometimes they don't work in quite the way we need them to.


Vocal massage is one way to help the voice recover - to help you to make a change in the way you are using it or perhaps to unload some of the gathered vocal stress of living life and prepare you to return to its challenges.

Some singers and actors have regular vocal massage as a way to maintain their vocal health in the same way athletes use sports massage.


I sincerely love working with my hands to help people find a way forwards with their vocal difficulties so if you would like to know more please look at the website and if you have any questions or can't find an appointment (I sometimes have other slots) don't hesitate to drop me a line

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